About Originals

Why buy an orginal ???

  • Originals are an investment you can enjoy , something that has been created from start to finish by myself.
  • Each original piece is carefully considered, its composition, style, technique and colour.
  • No other piece will be identical and you receive a card of authentication.
  • Some originals will also be used as prints however this will only be a limited few.
  • It’s stated whether the original will ever be used as a print on the listing.
  • Originals come in various sizes, unmounted, mounted or framed.
  • Price depend on size, style and content also whether they are unmounted, mounted or framed or on Canvas ready to hang.

I am unable to take on commissions I’m afraid, due to time as I’m focussing on new artwork and new products.

I HAVE A FEW ORIGINALS AVAILABLE : You will find them under the original art section in the shop


Currently the website doesn’t allow international shipping , if you would like to make a purchase please contact me and I can organise your purchase personally.