Cat Pepe Paperweight


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Pepe Junior Cat Paperweight

Feline Collection by Dora Designs – Paperweight

Pepe Junior is a very good-looking feline who will appeal to all cat-lovers.

As a paperweight, Pepe will ensure the papers on your desk stay put as a playful accessory for your office. 

However he will also be the perfect companion upon letters or magazines in the home or simply pop Pepe Junior on a table or shelf as a decorative accessory.

The different coloured greys of his coat and his white ears and snout make Pepe stand out from the crowd and along with his sweet little embroidered paws, he is one of our most popular cat creations.

This unique design is also available as a Doorstop, Draught Excluder and Key Ring so whichever of these you go for, Pepe’s style and charm will win your heart.






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