Angus Junior Highland Cow Paperweight

Traditional Range by Dora Designs – Paperweight

This cute cow resembles the Scottish breed of cattle – the Highland Cow.

Renowned for their long wavy coats and long horns, Angus Junior has both of these attributes – in fabulous fabric form.

His coat is made from faux fur and is beautifully soft to stroke.

He also has smooth and furry hooves, nose, ears and horns and also features a beige brocade fabric woven with a pattern in gold thread on his body.

With a loving look from his bright, round eyes Angus Junior will watch over your important papers, sitting on them to keep them organised and secure from any breezes that might blow them around.

The Highland Cow is one of Dora’s most popular characters and comes in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colours.

This paperweight is a miniature version of Angus the Highland Cow Doorstop, part of the Traditional Range.

height 10cm approx 








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