This Lovely Little cat  doorstop will be a warm and welcome addition to any home. He is heavy enough to do the job but soft enough not to hurt your toe

26cm high ,approx 1.2kg


Purple Tabby Cat Doorstop

Linen Cat Collection by Dora Designs – Doorstops

Lying down in a very peaceful position is Purply Tabby Cat.  Resting her head on her crossed front paws, this tabby cat is very happy to prop open your doors to prevent them swinging shut and to let the light in.

Finished in a lovely lilac shade of purple with white tipped tail and paws and white pointy ears and snout, the smiling face of this feline is delicately embroidered.

The coated cord whiskers and bright, round eyes make this functional home accessory everso appealing to cat lovers and the bright colour makes this a cheerful choice.

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