Reuben Junior Pheasant Paperweight

Traditional Range by Dora Designs – Paperweight

Pheasants are one of the UK’s most colourful birds.

Introduced here by the Romans, they are now widespread and can be seen across most of the UK in the open countryside near woodland edges and hedgerows.

Here you can see Reuben Junior who is finished in a variety of colours of rich brocade fabric woven with a pattern in gold thread.  Red, green, black and beige colours feature on this little bird and he has a shimmering beige silk trim.

Use Reuben Junior to keep your desk in order by keeping him sitting on important papers to keep them from blowing around in the breeze.

Or you can decorate your home with Reuben Junior as an accessory and bring a little British wildlife inside to brighten up your day.

Length – 15cm





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