Beautiful Berry the red squirrel takes pride of place in our Scottish inspired Plaid Collection.

Berry is a loyal and faithful Doorstop who will sit happily at the base of your door to keep it open or closed. Unlike the real thing Berry weighs in at just over 1kg, just perfect for the job!

Her cute pose is as if you’ve just caught her gaze, whilst she is busy foraging for food, causing her to stop still waiting to see who makes the next move. Her endearing face and beady eyes are sure to capture the heart of any visitor to your home.

Finished in a red and green check fabric with rich, deep raspberry faux fur detailing for her bushy tail and ear tufts. Her faux fur ears are a true characteristic of a red squirrel over the Autumn months when their ears are extra fluffy!

Berry is that adorable gift for that hard to buy for person or just a special treat for yourself.

He is  weighted with sand and comes to you weighing approximately 1.2 kg – the perfect size for holding your door open.

These door stops are just the correct heaviness for the job!